Solicitor's Office

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The City of Rock Hill Solicitor’s Office works to secure safety and justice for the citizens of Rock Hill and prosecutes cases in the Municipal Court, including jury trials and environmental code violations.

Victim-Witness Assistance Program

When a crime has been committed, a primary focus for the City of Rock Hill is the safety and protection of the victim. The City is equally concerned with protection of those who witness a crime.  To assist with those concerns, the City Solicitors’ Office provides a Victim-Witness Assistance Program. The program provides support, information, and assistance to victims and witnesses as their criminal cases proceed through the criminal justice system. The Victims' Advocate of the Municipal Court office also offers a variety of services specific to the needs of victims, including:

  • Emotional support
  • Assistance with problems resulting from victimization
  • Court advocacy
  • Assistance in completing and filing Victim Compensation forms
  • Counseling and crisis intervention
  • Referrals to support agencies
  • Questions concerning law enforcement
  • Transportation
Additionally, the Victims’ Advocate serves as a facilitator for the Solicitors’ Office to provide diversionary services to defendants who qualify for certain counseling-oriented programs.

For more information contact:
Casey Da Silva
Rock Hill Municipal Court Victims' Advocate
Phone: 803-329-5693

Frequent Questions

I am a victim or witness. How do I talk to a solicitor about my case?
Your first contact should be with Casey Da Silva, the Victim-Witness Advocate.  Contact Casey at 803-329-5693 or email at .  She can assist you in providing pertinent information to the Solicitor handling your case, and connect you to other services you may need.   You may also contact your Solicitor at 803-329-5619.

Do I have to go to court, or can I just pay the fine?
You are welcome to forward your payment to the City of Rock Hill at 120 East Black Street, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730. You may also pay your fine in person prior to your court date. If you do not pay the fine, you may be tried in your absence.

I want a lawyer to represent me, but I don’t have the money. How do I get one?
If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you should apply for the services of a Public Defender. If you qualify for a Public Defender and if your charge is one that is punishable with active jail time, you can apply at the York County Clerk of Court Office for representation.  There is a $40 application fee.

Call the York County Clerk of Court Office at 803-628-3036 with questions.  Visit the office in person to apply for the services of a Public Defender.

I am a defendant. How do I talk to a Solicitor about my case?
Shortly after you request a jury trial in your case, the file will be forwarded to the Solicitor's Office, where it will be assigned to a Solicitor and reviewed. The Solicitor will attempt to resolve your case in one of three ways:
  • If you have chosen to represent yourself, you will be notified of a date to come to court to speak with the solicitor handling your case. You and the solicitor will discuss your case in effort to resolve it prior to trial. If that is not possible, your case will be scheduled for a jury trial on a later date.
  • The Solicitor will notify your Public Defender, if you are represented by one, of his or her recommendations in the case.  You and your Public Defender will be notified of a date to return to court to negotiate the resolution of your case prior to trial. If that is not possible, your case will be scheduled for jury trial.
  • If you have hired a private attorney, that attorney will be contacted with your assigned date and with any recommendations for your case. During this negotiation process, your attorney will contact you to discuss your options. If your case cannot be resolved through those negotiations, your case will be tried before a jury.