Police Department Contact

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120 E. Black Street • Rock Hill, SC 29730
Mailing: P.O. Box 11706 • Rock Hill, SC 29731-1706
Phone: 803-329-7200 • Fax: 803-329-7260

Complete Police Directory

Allmon, BrentCaptainPolice Department(803) 326-7254
Belk, MichaelMajor- Support Services BureauPolice Department(803) 329-7259
Biggers, DavidCaptain-Technical ServicesPolice Department(803) 329-7033
Bollinger, MarkPublic Information OfficerPolice Department(803) 326-3860
Breeden, TonyLieutenantPolice Department(803) 417-4794
Cribb, ScottLieutenantPolice Department(803) 325-2588
Culbreath, CarlosLieutenant- Violent Crimes UnitPolice Department(803) 329-7277
Gordon, CarriePolice AccreditationPolice Department(803) 329-8736
Grayson, JamesLieutenantPolice Department(803) 329-7257
Hall, MattLieutenant- Technical ServicesPolice Department(803) 326-2406
Harveston, KathyCaptainPolice Department(803) 329-7031
Hefner, ChrisLieutenantPolice Department(803) 325-2579
Johnson, JoeLieutenant- PatrolPolice Department(803) 326-3821
Rivera, WillLieutenantPolice Department(803) 448-7196
Stinson, RodCaptain- PatrolPolice Department(803) 329-7032
Tripp, Kenyatta Lieutenant- PatrolPolice Department(803) 326-3821
Vaughan, LarryLieutenant- Criminal Investigations DivisionPolice Department(803) 329-7255
Watts, ChrisChief of PolicePolice Department(803) 329-7282
Williams, DamienCrime/Intelligence AnalystPolice Department(803) 326-3753