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yardcartlogoLogo The brown YardCart, designed like a regular garbage cart, holds grass clippings and other loose yard debris so automated trucks can pick it up at the curb. The YardCarts  save money and control costs, make our Rock Hill streets more attractive, and keep the storm drain system clear of debris.

YardCarts should be placed curbside with garbage and recycling on your normal collection day no later than 6:30 AM.
The YardCart program is voluntary. If you choose not to use the YardCart, you will be responsible for either composting or properly disposing of your yard waste. Remember, state law prohibits yard waste from being disposed of in landfills, so it cannot be put in your regular garbage cart for pick up.

To receive the YardCart service:

  1. Order a YardCart by submitting an Online Service Request or call 803-326-3891.
    The current cost of a YardCart is $50. You may choose to be billed in ONE payment, or TEN monthly payments of $5.00. Additional carts can be purchased for a one time fee of $25.00.
  2. Please click here for more details about what can be placed in the YardCart.
  3. Small piles of trimmings, raked vegetation, grass clippings and pruned vegetation are only collected regularly from YardCarts. Small piles of loose yard waste left at the curb will be collected by the City, however applicable charges will be applied to your utility account. Along with regular YardCart collection, seasonal leaf collection will be picked up every other week throughout November, December and January.  

In addition to regular YardCart collection, see information on Large Yard Debris and Bulky Items.

We hope you will choose the convenience of the YardCart program and help us continue to recycle yard waste to keep Rock Hill streets – and our storm drains – clean!

yYardcart with small pile of loose yard debris