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Rock Hill - York County Airport Annual Economic Impact

Airports are essential to South Carolina’s transportation infrastructure and economy. To guide the South Carolina airport system and measure how airports contribute to the economy, the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission (SCAC) completed updates to its Statewide Aviation System Plan and Statewide Economic Impact Study. Details on both reports are available at: This report provides a summary of important findings and also highlights the contribution that Rock Hill/York Co/Bryant Field makes to the estimated statewide economic impact. The role the airport plays in the state airport system is documented and a summary of the investment required for the airport to fulfill its needs and objectives is provided.

Our airport's economic impact study can be found here:

UZA Annual Economic Impact Airport Aerial

Total Employment - 224 Jobs

Annual Payroll - $10 million

Annual Spending - $30.6 million

Total Annual Economic Activity - $40.5 million