Frequent Questions

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How many stations does the department have? (back to top)
At present, we have 6 stations and Headquarters which houses administration, logistics and training.

How many calls does the department respond to? (back to top)
The department provides medical first response along with fire suppression, we responded to 7261 calls in 2016.

How do I obtain a fire report and is there a charge? (back to top)
You can visit our Headquarters Station at 214 S. Elizabeth Lane between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday to obtain a copy of a fire report or email Jan Showkeir at for a portable document format (pdf). There is no charge for this service. For further information, please call 803-329-7220.

How do I schedule a tour of the fire department? (back to top)
In order to maintain a consistent training schedule year round, we request that you plan a visit to any of our 6 stations by calling 803-329-7220 for information. The Fire Department provides visits to schools, churches and day care centers, but any group is welcome to visit us at our 6 stations. Please do not contact the individual stations to schedule a tour.

I am an elderly citizen and need a smoke alarm for my home. Who do I call? (back to top)
The Fire Prevention division offers a free smoke alarm program for low income or elderly citizens of Rock Hill. Fire Prevention personnel are required to install the smoke alarm and will arrange this at your convenience. They also provide batteries for these smoke alarms. Please call 803-329-7227 to set up an appointment.