The government for the City of Rock Hill consists of legislative, executive, and judicial functions.  The City Council and City Management divisions comprise the legislative and executive functions of the organization.  City Council is responsible for directing the government through policy actions and legislative decisions. The City Manager's Office provides professional leadership and direction in the administration and execution of all policies and supervises City Departments to ensure high quality community services.  The Municipal Court and the Solicitor's Office provide the judicial function for the city.

Meet City Manager David Vehaun

The City Manager guides each department in improving the City's quality of life.  Daily activities include:
  • Working with City Council to develop solutions and programs to address city needs and issues
  • Administrating the implementation of solutions that are incorporated into the municipal policy structure to ensure they meet the physical, social and cultural needs of our growing city
  • Overseeing the activities of the city municipal departments, their initiatives and goals
  • Providing efficient administration of municipal resources and departmental operations, incorporating the policies established by the City Council 

Rock Hill's 25 Quality Practices

City Hall