Jury Duty

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Jury duty is a valuable service to your community. It is an important responsibility since a juror will determine a defendant's guilt or innocence. Jurors are randomly selected by a computer program from Motor Vehicle and Voter Registration records. Juror service is for a one week term, and you may only serve in a Municipal Court once every calendar year.

All jurors are required to appear on Tuesday, at a designated time. Jurors are selected for all cases set for trial on that day. When jurors leave the courtroom after jury selection on Tuesday, they will be given a phone number to call each evening, after 7:00 PM. The recorded message will instruct the juror when to report the next day, or will have a recorded message of instructions. The message may instruct jurors to call in the next day for further instructions, or may tell the juror that the cases for the next day have been resolved and their service will not be needed. The jurors are instructed to call each evening after 7:00 PM for the following days instructions.

Any cases that are not disposed of within this one-week term will be continued and scheduled for a future jury term. Jurors are compensated $10.00 per day of service, plus mileage to and from their residence to the courthouse. Documentation for employers will be provided on the last day of the term of court. Service checks are mailed to the juror within 2-3 weeks after the end of the term of court.