Project Management

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What We Do

This team will coordinate communication, logistics and funding of transportation and civil projects.  Administer day to day activities and track Project Scope, Budget, Schedule & Goals:

  • Collaboration of Project Design and Construction
  • Working as a TEAM to overcome project obstacles
  • Maintaining Communication with the TEAM throughout the project
  • Maintain Documentation of Project Progress
  • Supports City operations through the efficient management of capital projects

What is the Project Management Process

Typically, City Projects are designed by Professional Engineers and/or Architects who are licensed in the State of South Carolina.  Early during design, project stakeholders are consulted so that scope, budget and schedule can be determined.  The design of the project should consider all of the variables that make up our urban community so that the project can be a comprehensive improvement.  Even City projects need to obtain necessary local, state and federal approvals prior to the start of construction.  Projects are publicly bid by licensed and bonded contractors that are selected to perform the work.  During construction the scope and quantities of work are observed and verified. 

Who Makes Up the Project Management TEAM

The Team consists of the following eight people:

  • Rob Ruth, Project Management Team SupervisorUniversity Center
  • Ivan McCorkle, Transportation Project Manager
  • Jason Vance, Project Manager
  • Dianna Bowers, Assistant Project Manager
  • Brent Deaton, Assistant Project Manager
  • Laura Rushing, Right of Way Coordinator
  • Pam McJunkin, Right of Way Tech.
  • Kevin O’Neil, Engr. Tech. II
  • Mac LaBorde, Engr. Tech. I


Operations Center • 803-329-5594

757 S. Anderson Road • Rock Hill, SC  29730