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757 S. Anderson Road • Building 103 • Rock Hill, SC 29730
Mailing: P.O. Box 11706 • Rock Hill, SC 29731-1706

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

The General Services Department, Purchasing Division is the buying office responsible for the acquisition of supplies, equipment, materials, apparatus, the city’s central warehouse and some of the services as requested by all departments within the City of Rock Hill.

Automatic Email Notification:

Sign up for email notification of upcoming bids at http://cityofrockhill.com/stay-informed/e-notify. Select the ALL RFP envelope under RFP Posts. This will include notifications of bids from both the City of Rock Hill and the Housing Development Corporation.

 Vendor Requirements – License & Insurance

  1. Any vendor doing business within the City of Rock Hill is required to have a current City of Rock Hill Business License.

  2. Any vendor doing business on City Property is required to have certain Certificates of Insurance on file that meet all City requirements. Specific type(s) and amount(s) will be displayed within the contractual agreements between the City and the primary vendor.

  3. A business license and specified insurances are not required to submit a bid with the City.

WMBE Statement:

It is the policy of the City of Rock Hill to provide minorities and women equal opportunity for participating in all aspects of the City’s contracting and procurement programs, including but not limited to employment, construction projects, and lease agreements consistent with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

It is further the policy of the City of Rock Hill to prohibit discrimination against any person or business in pursuit of these opportunities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or veteran status. 

It is further the policy of the City of Rock Hill to conduct its contracting and procurement programs so as to prevent such discrimination and to resolve any and all claims of such discrimination

Surplus Sales:

The City hosts an annual auction through which most surplus items are sold.  Please check back for information about next year’s auction. The City also sells surplus items by using Gov Deals throughout the year. 

City of Rock Hill Equipment Reimbursement Rates:

In situations when the City of Rock Hill uses vehicles and/or equipment for disaster recovery, the City will calculate reimbursement rates according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Schedule of Equipment Rates. The rates will be based on the FEMA rates that were in place at the time the equipment was used. Staff should keep clear records of what equipment was used, when it was used and for how long. The City’s Fleet Division can then assist with determining the appropriate rates to charge.


Please contact Tracy Smith by email at Tracy.Smith@cityofrockhill.com with questions or suggestions.