Fair Housing

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  Affirmative Marketing Plan for HOME Rental Program                                              


The City of Rock Hill and the Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill (HDCRH) are equal opportunity housing providers.  As no one method of communication will reach everyone, we have taken a multifaceted approach to our affirmative marketing plan as described below:

The City of Rock Hill, the HDCRH or their property management company will provide information about the Fair Housing Act as Amended (FHA) in the following manner:

  • Placing signage at the office.
  • Providing information in each application that explains your rights under the FHA.
  • Keeping brochures in a visible location that explains the FHA and how to file a complaint with HUD or the state substantial equivalent.
  • Keeping a person on staff responsible for FHA updates/trainings.

The City of Rock Hill and HDCRH will work to assure that a broad cross section of the community knows that the HOME Rental is available to everyone.  To this end, the City of Rock Hill and the HDCRH will do/does the following:

  • All TV advertisements done through the local cable provider will be aired over a variety of channels to assure that a broad cross section of the community is made aware.  In addition, the City Channel is used.
  • Information will be provided about our program in a variety of venues, including, but not limited to:
    • City of Rock Hill functions
    • Faith-based events where invited
    • Non-profit sponsored events
    • Fraternity/Sorority Sponsored events
    • NAACP functions
    • Housing Forums

The City of Rock Hill and the HDCRH also work under the understanding that there are certain populations less likely to apply to become homeowners than others.  In light of this, special outreach is/will be done to:

  • The Homeless community through informational sessions at shelters
  • Targeting census tracts for outreach with low rates of home ownership

Records will be maintained of efforts to market homes per the affirmative marketing plan, including but not limited to copies of advertisements used and calendars of events participating as part of the marketing strategy.

The success of the City of Rock Hill and the HDCRH will be constantly evaluated to assure success in getting applicants from a variety of backgrounds and making sure that they are able to become homeowners.  If our efforts are unsuccessful, it I the policy of the City of Rock Hill and the HDCRH to review and amend affirmative marketing strategies as needed.

The City of Rock Hill and the HDCRH will provide its employees with no less than annual trainings in the FHA, state equivalent, and local ordinance (if such were to be enacted).  Said training will be by a qualified source, either internal or external, depending on qualifications of current staff. 

Equal Opportunity