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 What is a Neighborhood Organization anyway and why do we need one?
Crime Watch Sign  A neighborhood organization can be many things. You might call it a block club, homeowners or tenants group, or neighborhood watch association. Whatever you call it, it’s a group of neighbors who get together, share ideas with each other, and work cooperatively on solving problems and strengthening communication - basically to improve the quality of life in their local area. Your association may be informal and only meet as needed. Or you may want to take a more formal approach and hold regular monthly or quarterly meetings. It’s all up to you!
  One primary benefit of a neighborhood association is getting to know your neighbors. This simple act will generate its own rewards. As we come to know those who live closest to us, we can build a foundation of mutual respect and greater awareness of how neighbors are bound together by many of the same concerns and needs. Yards tend to be kept neater, litter tends to decrease, and the idea that someone is looking out for a neighbor is the backbone of Neighborhood Crime Watch programs.
  Organized neighborhoods have the opportunity to develop partnerships throughout our community. An organized neighborhood is always better equipped to solve community problems. This also improves the overall quality of life within the entire City of Rock Hill. When your neighborhood is organized, you’ll have:

• direct communication with the City of Rock Hill
• help in coordinating City services
• help in identifying community resources
• opportunities to work with other Rock Hill neighborhoods
• opportunities to build relationships with your neighbors
• opportunities to work together to address common concerns.

  You’ll also have a framework from which you can make physical improvements. These can be short-term and inexpensive, like a Spring Clean-Up day. Or they can be long-term improvements which require funding, such as fixing drainage problems or purchasing community entrance signs.