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RHCNThe Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods is committed to preserving and promoting the integrity of Rock Hill’s neighborhoods. We serve as an umbrella group whose members are the various recognized and approved neighborhood organizations of the city.
The primary purposes Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods are to promote communication and cooperation between organizations, foster a sense of community, and assist each other by providing a forum where member organizations can bring specific concerns for discussion and receive reliable information as well as support for legitimate causes. RHCN provides a connecting link between the neighborhoods and the elected and appointed officials and components of local government.
The Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods is a nonpartisan, nonprofit (501c3) organization. Membership is FREE. Member neighborhoods have a voice at all RHCN meetings and are also able to make use of RHCN personnel and resources. If your neighborhood has an issue that seems too big for it handle alone, bring it to the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods!
To learn more about the Rock Hill Council of Neighborhoods, check out their website at www.rockhillcon.org. You can also find the RHCN on Facebook,  as well as watch their videos on their YouTube Channel. And while you're at it, connect with them on the RHCN Google+ page.