Neighborhood Inspections

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Neighborhood Inspections

A proactive code enforcement team geared toward preserving our residential communities and maintaining vibrant, healthy, and safe living spaces. Our focus is on the properties and structures in all residential areas and includes all dwelling types.    

We enforce the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), the City of Rock Hill Municipal Ordinance,  and the City of Rock Hill Zoning Ordinance as they pertain to residential properties and structures.  We strive to improve community issues related to overgrown property, inoperable and unregistered vehicles and property debris.  Our violations are generally classified in several key areas:

  • Nuisance Violations are the most common violations we encounter that negatively impact our residential community.  We cite residential code violations to support our desire to preserve residential areas to ensure a healthy and safe living environment for everyone. 

  • Structure Violations are related to any exterior property that may need repair or attention.  They range from minor exterior violations to boarded structures that may require demolition.

  • Zoning Violations relate to enforcing residential zoning issues pertaining to use of land or structures and ensuring proper permits were obtained for both, uses and structures.

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues are a series of basic guidelines that must be followed and are outlined in the Landlord Tenant Act brochure.

To see if there is an existing case at a specific address, please check our online OPEN CASE MAP

If you need to report a violation, call 803-329-7014 or email HNS Inspections.   Please allow 48 hours and if you need a call back from an inspector be sure to provide your contact information.  All calls are treated as an anonymous call and you are not required to give your name.   Report a Violation