Demolition Program

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Demolition Assistance Program

As part of the City of Rock Hill’s initiative to reduce urban blight, the City may provide assistance to qualified owners for the demolition of abandoned or uninhabitable structures.

For $350.00, the City may demolish a detached single- or two-family structure or accessory structure, subject to the following criteria:

  1. The structure has been deemed unsafe under the guidelines of the International Property Maintenance Code or the Standard Unsafe Buildings Abatement Code.
  2. The cost to repair the structure exceeds 50 percent of the tax assessor’s value of the structure.
  3. The property must have been in the current ownership for at least two consecutive years (Exception: title transferred to heirs of deceased owner).
  4. The property is not owned by a for-profit organization, corporation, partnership or any type of commercial endeavor; nor is the demolition for the purpose of expanding an existing use, i.e. parking lot or building expansion.

Scheduling and approval of demolitions is determined by the City Manager or his designee, contingent upon determination of eligibility, priority and availability of funding and crews.

For information on the demolition assistance program, or other demolitions, please call 803-817-5147 or 803-329-7014.