International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)

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2015 IPMC

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Neighborhoods mean home…they’re where we live, work, and play. Together, they make our community. We want them to be clean and safe. They are our biggest investment, and we want to take pride in their appearance.

Just one neglected, run-down house or property can ruin the appearance of a whole neighborhood! Several neglected properties can give the impression that no one cares. By enforcing the International Property Maintenance Code, Rock Hill’s Neighborhood Inspections can help make your neighborhood a pleasant place to live.

The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) requires owners to maintain their property and addresses three basic areas:

Grounds - Grass has to be kept under a foot tall. Starting the first of each year, the City will issue only one notice for overgrown grass. The second offense will be an automatic court summons. In case of an absentee owner with overgrown property, the City will cut the weeds and bill the owner. The grounds must be free of junk, trash and tree debris, standing water, and other unsanitary conditions. Make sure that recyclables are inside your free bin, your rollout garbage can has the lid down, and that both are set out on the curb on your pickup day.

Inoperable/Unregistered Vehicles - No inoperable or unregistered vehicles are permitted on the property, except in a garage or carport.

Buildings - The code outlines requirements for exterior building issues such as missing, damaged, or rotted boards, sagging roofs, blistered or peeling paint, porch steps and handrails. This includes outbuildings as well as the main residence or commercial business, both for multi-family and single family dwellings. The code outlines the requirements for a working permanent heating source rather than kerosene heaters. It also addresses inadequate bathroom and kitchen facilities, faulty wiring and plumbing, and lack of power and water. Windows and doors must open and close, as well as lock properly, and smoke alarms are required. There are also requirements for rodent and pest control.

When one or more of these conditions are present, the Neighborhood Inspections team will assess the violations. They will issue written notices to property owners allowing them a reasonable time to correct problems. Owners who fail to correct the violations could be summoned to court and charged fines for the violations.

The City of Rock Hill cares about your neighborhood. It’s your home. It’s where you spend a large part of your life. We want it to be a safe and pleasant place for you to live.

NOTE: If a property in your neighborhood is in violation of the codes outlined here, please call Neighborhood Inspections at (803) 329-7014 to file a complaint. You do not have to give us your name.