Vision & Values

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The vision of the ITS Department is linked directly to building and developing the city’s IT systems necessary to support the City of Rock Hill’s three core values:

Provide Quality Services: ITS makes every effort to ensure the computer, voice and data systems and services used for conducting city services are of the highest possible quality to provide consistent, reliable and cost efficient delivery of services as required.  ITS staff are committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Develop Quality Places: ITS continually works with city departments to provide services that help support the city’s effort to build, develop and maintain the highest quality facilities and places where technology is needed by our citizens to live, work and recreate.

Foster Quality Community: ITS operations touch each and every department and service of the city while working to ensure that the tools coincide with the efforts of city personnel to serve the community to the highest level of service possible.

ITS believes that technology is the fuel for enabling the City of Rock Hill to achieve these goals.  We use technology as a service multiplier to help contain costs and as a vehicle to assist the city in living up to its values and service commitments. As such, ITS will always focus on "Continuous Improvement of Cyber operations" and "Innovation of Technologies", thus allowing the City of Rock Hill to always be a model and leader through the use of ‘state of the art’ technologies.