Commercial Photography Policy

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Photo Permit Application

Photo/Film Guidelines--Parks, Recreation & Tourism

The City receives many requests for photo shoots and video filming at public locations. In order to ensure fairness, we’ve established guidelines and a process for identifying professional photographers/videographers to our staff.

The commercial photography permit is for professionals who are paid to take photos and/or video. If you are simply taking photos of family and friends without being paid, the commercial photography permit does not apply. There is no fee for the commercial photography permit application, but if doing business in Rock Hill, a Rock Hill business license is required, as well as proof of business insurance. One-day business licenses are available for photographers whose office is physically located outside the Rock Hill city limits. Once documents are received, a lanyard is issued, indicating the process is complete.  If shooting in one of our parks, please contact us to schedule ahead to ensure no conflicts with major events, weddings or maintenance.


  • Guidelines apply for commercial photography activities at public facilities, with particular attention to Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) facilities.
  • The guidelines serve to ensure adequate public access, protect resources and maintain the safety of the public and photo professionals.
  • Specific guidelines for certain facilities and/or events may also be enforced.
  • For each photo shoot at a public location, you will need to request and receive written approval from the appropriate department, when applicable.
  • PRT has overall guidelines and some PRT facilities have unique circumstances requiring additional consideration (ex. Giordana Velodrome).
  • You will be required to wear the lanyard ID when you are conducting business on site at City facilities. This ID serves to notify staff that you are aware of guidelines and agree to abide by them.
  • To schedule a shoot at a PRT facility, please call 803-329-5620.

Permit Application


  • If you anticipate photography projects that will take place at City facilities, you’ll be required to complete a Commercial Photography/Videographer Permit Application
  • Commercial photographers using City facilities will be asked to show proof of insurance and City business license.
  • We will issue a lanyard ID within three business days of receipt of your completed application and required paperwork.
  •  We issue ID’s by appointment, and your ID will be valid until the time your business license is due for renewal.

We’re honored that so many professional photographers/videographers view our public facilities as the ideal backdrop to feature your subjects. Thank you for taking part in this process.


Katie Quinn