Fountain Park

Fountain Park

300 East Main Street

Park Hours: Open Daily, 7 AM - Midnight
Park Information: 803-329-5620
Park Rules

Fountain Park is a beautiful addition to Rock Hill's Old Town and offers a scenic space in the heart of downtown for relaxation and the enjoyment of programmed activities and special events.  The park opened in December 2014 and is a joint project of Comporium and the City of Rock Hill.  The park features a large fountain with an interactive water jet display.  The park also features green space and a small performance venue.  On-street parking is available around the park as well as in the Fountain Park Place parking deck, across from the park.

Fountain Park's website is: The website includes descriptions of the neighboring buildings as well as information on how to access the interactive water jets.

Programs and Special Events

Program and event information is available at
Those wishing to hold a special event at the park should contact the City of Rock Hill’s Economic and Urban Development Department at 803-329-7090.


Video or photography at the park for commercial or political purposes requires special arrangements. Please visit the Commercial Photography webpage for details.