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Who owns the Giordana Velodrome?
Where is the velodrome located?
What is the size of the velodrome?
Where do I find out about programs and events at the velodrome?
Are there public restrooms at the velodrome?
Is there a charge for spectators to watch the races?
Are pets allowed at the velodrome?
Is there food or drink for sale at the velodrome?
Am I allowed to take pictures at the velodrome?
Who is allowed on the infield of the velodrome?
Can anyone ride a bike at the velodrome?
Can I ride my own bike on the velodrome?
If I am certified at another track, can I ride at the Giordana Velodrome?

The City of Rock Hill owns and operates the Giordana Velodrome which is a part of the Rock Hill Outdoor Center.  The velodrome is managed by the City's Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism.  The velodrome opened in the spring of 2012.

The velodrome is located about a mile off of I-77 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  The street address is 1000 Riverwalk Parkway, Rock Hill, SC 29730. 

The Giordana Velodrome is a 250m Olympic-size concrete track with a 42.5 degree embankment in the corners and a 17 degree embankment on the front and back straights.

For up to date information about events and programs at the velodrome, go to the official website of the velodrome, www.giordanavelodrome.com, or follow us on Twitter @Giordanavelo, or "like" the Facebook.com/Giordana Velodrome Facebook page. 

Yes there are public restrooms on the outside of the Track Side Building (on the left side of the building when facing the track from the parking lot). 

No. Admission is free for spectators for most all of our races.  Our riders love to race with the stands full of spectators!  If there is a special event for which there is a charge, information will be provided on the website. 

Yes. Pets must be tightly controlled on a three foot leash.  Owners are asked to clean up any waste left by their pets.  Owners will be asked to remove their pet if staff determines that a pet is creating problems at the velodrome.

Generally there is not food or drink for sale at the velodrome so riders and spectators are encouraged to bring their own.  For special events, food and drink may be for sale.  There is a water fountain at the velodrome.

Visitors are allowed to take photos from the stands and from anywhere outside the rails of the velodrome.  Photographers are not allowed in the infield unless they have Media Credentials issued by the Giordana Velodrome.  Photographers with Media Credentials are allowed on the infield only at the times and in the places permitted by staff.  The velodrome reserves the right to make decisions with respect to photography on an event by event basis. 

Due to the limited amount of space in the infield, only riders, staff, officials, and volunteers are allowed on the infield.

A rider must go through a certification clinic to learn to ride on the velodrome.  Once certified, a rider can come to ride at the velodrome during Open Track sessions listed on the monthly track calendar.  Certification clinics are offered several times a month at the velodrome.  Information about certification clinics can be found on the website. 

A track specific bike is required to ride on the velodrome.  A track bike has no brakes, one gear, and no freewheel.  Consequently, there is no coasting, since if the back wheel is turning the pedals are turning.  The bottom bracket is higher and the cranks are shorter than a normal bike.  Speed is controlled by pedaling, by pushing back on the moving pedals or by going "up-track" which uses gravity to slow the bike as it travels uphill.  Due to the steep embankment of the track, riding on the velodrome with a road bike or street bike is not safe and therefore, is not allowed.  Loaner track bikes are available for use in the certification clinics and to use (for a small fee) for riding at the velodrome.  

If you own your own track bike, you are welcome to use it, but please have it approved by the velodrome staff prior to taking it on the track. Bottom brackets must be 11.5 inches from the ground to the center of the Bottom Bracket with no longer than 170mm crank arms.  Loaner bikes are not available for racing. 

If you are a certified rider from another track, you may not have to take a certification clinic.  Please email the velodrome at velodrome@cityofrockhill.com at least two weeks in advance and let the staff know when you plan to come, what track you ride on, the size of the track (400, 333, 300, 250M) and what level of experience you have.  When you arrive at the track, staff will go over some of the basics things you need to know to ride our track safely:  such as the preferred track entry/exit on the back straight, riding laps at the stayers' line and the minimum required speed due to the steep embankment.  Each rider must sign a current waiver and pay a one time certification fee of $20.