Glencairn Garden

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725 Crest Street                                                          

Park Supervisor: Whitner Bailey

Park Hours: Open Daily Park Office Hours: Mon. - Fri.
Dawn until Dusk Park Office Phone: 803-329-5620
Park Admission: Free Park Brochure


About Glencairn Garden:

Glencairn Garden’s beautifully landscaped lawns and walkways have made it a popular attraction among residents and visitors for years. What started as the backyard garden of David & Hazel Bigger in 1928 is now an 11 acre paradise located in the heart of Rock Hill.  The Garden boasts a variety of blooms year round, although the peak blooming season is typically during late March/early April.

Azaleas, dogwoods, wisteria, camellias, and hardwood trees are just a few of the treasures awaiting visitors as they stroll the grounds. The Garden was the original inspiration for Rock Hill’s annual Come-See-Me Festival which has become a 10-day event held each spring at Glencairn Garden and other Rock Hill sites.  There is no admission fee for the general use of the garden, however, some special events may require an admission fee.

Video or photography at the park for commercial or political purposes requires special arrangements. Please visit the Commercial Photography page for details.

Garden Features:

Come See Me Tiered Fountain  Japanese Bridge 
Vernon Grant Wall of Whimsy  C.H. “Icky” and Sophie M. Albright Overlook 
Vernon Grant Performance Stage  The Bigger House 
John A. Hardin Greeting Circles  South State Bank Patio 
Inis Gillis & A. W. Huckle Tree Restoration Fund                     Founders Federal Relaxation Garden 
Veterans Garden  Charlotte Avenue Showcase Garden 
Carolina First Bank Entrance  The Learning Center 
Walking Trails  Restrooms 


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