The Learning Center

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825 Edgemont Avenue                                               

Supervisor: Whitner Bailey
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri.
Office Phone: 803-817-5121

About Glencairn Garden:

In 2007, the former United Way building on Edgemont Avenue was renovated and converted into the Learning Center at Glencairn Garden. This facility is the central location for PRT's Outdoor Education program. The convenient location, across the street from the Garden, allows the space for various outdoor activities such as school field trips and the study of nature and habitats. The Learning Center is also used for various gardening seminars, meeting space for groups that are visiting the Garden The Learning.

PRT has partnered with the Clemson Extension Service to offer free gardening seminars which are taught on the first Friday of each month. The topic varies each month. Classes are held at the Glencairn Garden Learning Center.   First Fridays Flyer