Getting Started

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Welcome to BMX Riding!!! This page will give you the information that is needed to start
your riding experience at the Rock Hill BMX Track!!

Equipment/Appropriate Clothing
For the New Rider Orientation (NRO), most bikes and helmets will be allowed if they pass inspection by the staff. A limited number of program bikes and helmets are available on a first come first serve basis for NRO. A full face helmet along with knee and elbow pads are highly recommended if a participant decides to go beyond the NRO program. A BMX bike that is designed to ride on a BMX track is required once a participant becomes a USA BMX member and begins attending open practice, clinics and racing. Not all BMX bikes are suitable for riding on the track, so feel free to contact the BMX staff  or a local bike shop for advice before you purchase a bike.

Long sleeve shirt and pants are required to ride on the BMX track and knee pads and elbow pads are recommended.

First Time Riders

New riders can attend a free New Rider Orientation session and then a Novice Rider Development program to gain the skills and confidence to attend open practice and ride down the start hill. There is not a certification process for riders, but riders need to acquire a certain level of proficiency and skill before we recommend them for open practice or racing. Private coaching sessions will be available. A schedule of clinics and programs can by found on the track calendar.

Youth Riders
Children as young as two years of age can be competent balance bike riders on the track. For more information on balance bike programs click here. Although we have young riders, there is still a base level of experience needed to ride the track safely. The New Rider Orientation session is an introduction to the sport of BMX that provides new riders and parents all the information they need to get started with BMX riding and racing. There will be a limited number of bikes available during the "Try the Track" portion of the session, but participants are welcome to bring their own bike and helmet. Personal bikes will be inspected by staff before getting on the track.