Disc Golf

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Disc golf is a great, inexpensive activity that is fun for all ages. PRT offers disc golf courses at Boyd Hill Recreation Center (18 holes) and at Fewell Park (9 holes). Beginner and experienced players will enjoy the challenges of both courses which wander through the natural and open areas of the parks. Both courses were designed and installed with the help of Innova Disc Golf and the Rock Hill Disc Golf Club.

Disc Golf Basics
Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but with a flying disc. Each hole begins with a drive and ends with a putt into an elevated basket target with chains. Once the disc has made it into the target, it’s on to the next hole. The goal is to complete the course in the least number of throws. Discs are available in sporting goods departments and stores.

Disc golf has been gaining in popularity and recognition during recent years.

Disc Golf Courses

 Location Address  Targets 
 Belleview Elementary School 501 Belleview Road 
 Boyd Hill Recreation Center 1165 Constitution Boulevard  18 
 Castle Heights Middle School 2382 Firetower Road 
 Dutchman Creek Middle School 4757 Mt. Gallant Road  10 
 Fewell Park Recreation Center 1204 Alexander Road  9/18 
 Independence Elementary School 132 W. Springdale Road 
 India Hook Elementary School 2068 Yukon Drive  10 
 Mount Gallant Elementary School 40664 Mt. Gallant Road 
 Northside Elementary School 840 Annafrel Street  
 Rawlinson Road Elementary School 2631 W. Main Street  12 
 Rock Hill High School 320 W. Springdale Road 
 Rosewood Elementary School 2240 Rosewood Drive 
 Saluda Trail Middle School 2300 Saluda Road 
 South Point High School 801 Neely Road  11 
 Sullivan Middle School 1825 Eden Terrace 
 Sunset Park Elementary School 1036 Ogden Road
 Winthrop University  1000 Eden Terrace  27 
 York Road Elementary   2254 W. Main Street  6