Automobile Sales Start-Up Guide

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I have a business plan. Now what?

 I found a location.

  • Prior to signing a lease or purchasing a building, spend time speaking with the Open for Business office. Find out about Zoning, Building, and Fire regulations.

What permit applications do I need to submit?


 SCDMV (SC Department of Motor Vehicles)

Do I need a design professional?

What is the process after I submit my permit applications and fees?

  • We will review the permit applications and plans.
  • If permits are approved, we will let you/your contractor(s) know.
  • As you complete various steps in completing the work shown on the permits, schedule inspections with our office. The permits have information about when and how.

After all final inspections are approved:

  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)
  • Meet with Open for Business staff:
    • Set up utility account
    • Obtain your business license

Am I ready to open?