Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls 4 feet tall or higher require a separate building permit and plan review. A separate building permit is still needed even if retaining walls were shown on the civil construction plans. See the Retaining Wall Plan Review Checklist for a list of information to submit with your construction drawings for plan review.

You should also contact PUPS to request that any underground utilities are located before you start digging. Visit their website at for more information.  If any utility lines are found, there may be utility easements or rights-of-way present on your property. These should be shown on a survey of your property. You can also contact our office to verify if any rights-of-way are present.


Submit your retaining wall construction drawings along with any other required submittals listed on the Retaining Wall Plan Review Checklist to the Permit Application Center. The PAC will route your plans to other City departments for review and contact you by email when the review is complete. Plan review make take up to 10 business days. Plans can be submitted online or by using our ftp site. Please contact us for login information for the ftp site. Use the Plan Resubmittal Instructions when preparing revised plans for resubmittal.

Please review the Contractor Licensing Requirements.  If someone other than the state license holder will be applying for the permit, please complete the Authorization to Obtain Permits (PDF) form and have it notarized.


For more information, please contact the PAC at 803-329-5590 or by email.

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