Cross Connection/ Backflow Prevention

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kid from fountainCross connections occur when a foreign substance is introduced into the potable (drinkable) water supply by an illegal or incorrect connection. When water flows in the wrong direction this is referred to as "backflow". South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires a backflow prevention device be installed and tested on a regular basis for certain types of water connections, such as irrigation systems. Backflow prevention devices are also required to be installed on the water line for a fire sprinkler system for a commercial building.

A permit is required to install a backflow prevention device so the device can be inspected.  The device should be tested and the tester should complete a Cross Connection Control Report Form to report the test results. The test report for new backflow prevention devices should be sent to the Permit Application Center in the Planning and Development Department.  All other test reports including the annual report should be sent to John Miller in the Utilities Department.

An Introduction to Backflow and Cross Connection Control [PDF]

Cross Connection Control Report Form [PDF]

Irrigation System

SC DHEC Cross Connection Information

SC DHEC List of Certified Testers of Backflow Prevention Equipment [PDF]

BPA Change Out Form