Paint Booth Installation

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If you are installing a paint booth in your building you should be aware of city, state and federal regulations concerning painting.  The city has zoning regulations that determine which districts allow painting.  There also may be restrictions for how close a painting or body shop can be to residential areas, schools, parks and other uses.  You can contact the Planning and Development Department at 803-329-5591 for more information.

The EPA and SCDHEC also have regulations and requirements for paint booths.  You can visit their websites for more information:

Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coatings - What does this mean for your auto body shop?

Process:  To obtain a permit to install the paint booth, you will need to submit the following information to the Permit Application Center:

Your plans will go through commercial plan review which may take up to 10 business days. You will be notified once the plans have been reviewed by email. For more information contact the Permit Application Center at 803-329-5590.  For technical or code questions, please contact the Commercial Plans Reviewer at 803-329-5581.