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To construct townhomes or condos with 3 units or more, please see the Residential Townhome or Condo Building Permit Packet (PDF) for a checklist of everything needed to submit for plan review.  Most new homes must comply with the residential design standards in the zoning ordinance, Article 6-800. There are also special design requirements for new homes in the Old Town district of Rock Hill. These can also be found in the zoning ordinance.

Contractors new to Rock Hill should review the Contractor Licensing Requirements (PDF) and complete a new contractor application (PDF).  All contractors working on a project are required to have a City of Rock Hill business license.


Submit your construction plans, site plan and other required information outlined in the Residential Townhome/Condo Building Permit Packet to the Permit Application Center (PAC).  See the Residential Sample Plan Review Checklist for a list of items the plan reviewer will be looking for on your plans.  Plan review typically takes up to 3 business days.  You will receive an email when the plan review is complete with a list of any items that need to be corrected.  Plans are required to be submitted electronically through the Online Services website.

Energy Code Requirements

The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) will be recognized as the Energy Standard for all buildings per State Statute. Please see Residential Energy Code Requirements for more information.

Underground Electric Installation

For most homes inside City limits, Rock Hill is the electric utility provider. For your convenience we charge the underground installation fee along with the building permit fee. When you are ready for the underground electric line to be installed you will need to fill out a Underground Electric Installation Request Form and send it to the Utilities Department. This should be done when the meter base has been installed on the home but before you request your temporary power inspection.


Contact the PAC at 803-329-5590 or by email for more information.

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