Zoning Permits

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The City's zoning regulations cover many topics - the types of land uses allowed in different areas of the City, what structures must look like and where they can be placed on a property, the types of signs businesses can use, and more. Staff must review proposed structures before they are built, and proposed land use activities before they occur in order to ensure that the zoning standards are met.

For many types of activities and structures, the zoning review is completed as part of the residential or commercial building permit review process, or the business license application process, and no separate zoning application is needed.

Other activities require a separate zoning application. Here is additional information about commonly used zoning permit applications:

Storage Buildings (120 sq feet or less)
Fence Permit
Tent Permit
Temporary Signs
Temporary Uses and Structures (festivals, seasonal sales, moving containers, etc.)

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Special Event Permit (events on public property)

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