Site Plans, Subdivisions, & Surveys

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What is a site plan?

Site plans are drawings that show how you plan to use land - including where buildings and parking lots would be located, where access would be provided to the street, and so forth. Typically they are drawn by a civil engineer.

City staff reviews site plans for smaller projects ("minor site plans") while the Planning Commission reviews site plans for larger ones, called major site plans, which involve multi-family residential projects of 25 units or more, and most commercial projects of 20,000 square feet or more.

The process for submitting both kinds of plans is explained on the Site Plan Checklist. If revised plans must be resubmitted, please use the Plan Resubmittal Instructions to help you in preparing those plans.

Contact: For more information, contact Melody Kearse, Zoning Coordinator, at 803-329-7088.

What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is the dividing of land into smaller pieces or lots. Typically these plans are drawing by a civil engineer or surveyor.

City staff review subdivision plans for smaller projects ("minor subdivisions") while the Planning Commission reviews subdivision plans for larger projects ("Major subdivisions"). Minor subdivisions involve three or fewer lots and the creation of no new roads or alleys. Major subdivisions involve four or more lots or the creation of new roads or alleys.

Contact: For more information, contact Melody Kearse, Zoning Coordinator, at 803-329-7088.

What is a survey?

A survey of land shows its boundaries as well as the location of existing structures on it. They are drawn by registered surveyors.

Surveys must contain certain elements in order for the City to approve them for recording with the York County Register of Deeds' office, such as ownership blocks with signatures, raised seals from the surveyor, parcel numbers, assigned zoning districts, existing buildings, and existing property lines. Also required is the inclusion of state plane coordinates, which is explained further on the State Plane Coordinate Checklist

Contact: For more information, please contact at Planner at 803-329-5590.

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