Long Range Planning

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What We Do

Long Range Planning is responsible for developing, maintaining, and implementing plans, policies, and programs designed to guide quality growth and development in Rock Hill. 

How We Serve You

Long Range Planning is committed to thinking about the future of Rock Hill and improving quality of life for residents and business owners.  Our work involves extensive coordination with other City departments, other government agencies, private sector interests, and the general public to identify challenges and establish goals.  Plans, policies, and programs are regularly revisited to ensure they are still relevant as the City grows and changes over time.


Long Range Planning collects and analyzes data through field visits, interviews, and stakeholder and public meetings to produce plans designed to achieve established priorities and balance competing interests. We typically produce three kinds of plans:  a comprehensive plan, subarea plans, and functional plans.



 Subarea plans are more detailed plans for a smaller geographic area.  Examples include corridor studies, small area plans, neighborhood plans, and downtown master plans.                  Functional plans focus on a particular issue or topic area.  Examples include transit studies, housing studies, bicycle and pedestrian plans, and trails and greenway master plans.



Long Range Planning also studies areas and properties for annexation and explores the impacts of annexation on both the City and property owner(s).