Core Values

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This core value reflects the City’s emphasis on infill and redevelopment and making maximum use of existing infrastructure maintenance and investment. In Old Town, new town centers and certain redevelopment areas, this means creating comfortable mixed-use urban densities that support walking, biking and transit and convenient neighborhood shopping. Such areas are also important in recruiting new knowledge-based businesses. In suburban areas, Grow Inside First means preserving environmentally sensitive areas and useful open space by encouraging the development of tracts already served by existing utilities and services rather than pushing out farther into undeveloped areas requiring new public investment. It means annexing unincorporated enclaves and working with York County, the school district and other government partners to provide the most efficient service delivery possible.



CoreValue_02_cmyk_lightblue-01PROVIDE BETTER CONNECTIONS

This core value reflects the need for a transportation network that accommodates all users and modes of transportation.  An efficient transportation network starts with a connected road network that safely and sufficiently handles projected growth, and supports business and industry. It also includes facilities for safe walking and biking, both for transportation and as part of a healthy lifestyle. Providing Better Connections means retrofitting existing streets and expanding trails to connect neighborhoods with each other and with daily destinations like schools, grocery stores, and restaurants and to increase opportunities for physical activity. Finally, it includes a transit system that provides an appealing transportation alternative to those who need or prefer it.




This core value reflects the need to reinforce a community of strong neighborhoods. This value reflects the continuing commitment to protect and strengthen neighborhoods by ensuring safety and encouraging investment and upkeep so as to increase property values. It includes the support of programs that can increase homeownership and understands that the housing needs of the future will be different, yet need to be fit into the fabric of the City.  It addresses the need to protect neighborhoods from negative impacts and preserve their special character and their historic resources. It acknowledges that strong neighborhoods rely on social interaction and community engagement and on the recreational and cultural opportunities available to each neighborhood and the community as a whole. And it embraces standards that build neighborhoods designed for long-term value, while maintaining our competitive advantage of housing affordability.




This core value revolves around the management of the physical environment, including the ongoing adaptation and maintenance of infrastructure and the physical community. It first places emphasis on conserving land and water resources, including tree preservation, floodplain management and reducing water usage. This value is mindful of the need to plan for growth in the provision of day-to-day services and manage growth and development in both its location and pace to assure that it is sustainable. This value reminds us of the need to fund infrastructure maintenance, including planning for life cycle and replacement costs. It also includes designing neighborhoods that provide housing choices with amenities and open spaces that foster interaction and pride. It includes providing inspiring community facilities that bring us together, generate economic vitality and make us economically competitive in the broader marketplace.