Comprehensive Plan Update

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Reducing Congestion
Alternative Transportation
Housing Affordability
Facilities and Infrastructure
Land Conservation


The City is currently updating the Comprehensive Plan.  This process begins with a review of the Existing Conditions. A working draft is available here and a summarized version of each element is located below. 

Get Involved!

In the upcoming year, the City will be asking for input to ensure everyone's voice is heard.  The City is planning to undertake a multi-pronged approach using surveys, social media, formal and informal meetings, public meetings, and more.  Check back here often for future updates.  To provide comments on the Existing Conditions draft, please email

Core Values 

The City's highest priority goals are captured in 4 Core Values.  The Core Values serve as a guiding philosophy for making development, planning, and budget decisions moving forward.





 Grow Inside First  Provide Better Connections  Reinforce Strong
 Ensure Functionality
with Inspiring Design

Focus 2020 Comprehensive Plan

To view the Focus 2020 Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2015 click here or to view the interactive Future Land Use Map click here.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is an important policy guide that sets the long-term vision for the City.  It includes an evaluation of trends and existing conditions, defines community strengths and challenges, and provides recommendations to address those challenges.

All local governments in South Carolina are required to develop a Comprehensive Plan, review it every 5 years, and update it every 10.