College Town Action Plan

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This Action Plan is the product of:
(1) over a dozen public outreach sessions and on-line opportunities designed to assist the College Town Action Plan Working Group of 16 Rock Hill area citizens in tapping a variety of local perspectives to gather suggestions for and comment a out the characteristics, concepts, obstacles and opportunities that helped create ideas now included in the plan.

(2) a concurrent review by national consultants of related work undertaken over the past several years by Rock Hill to support urban core redevelopment, and conversations with key players in those efforts.

(3) continuous consultation between consultants and the Rock Hill working group regarding national best practices among successful college towns and which of those strategies could be appropriate for use in Rock Hill, followed by collaborative review, fine- tuning and discussion until the overall ‘Proposed CTAP Concept’ emerged.

The success of this Action Plan will rely on the development of local implementation steps necessary to bring these strategies to life, and the willingness of interested area citizens, and organizations –especially the City and University --  to do their respective parts to make the Plan a reality.

College Town Action Plan