What is an administrative adjustment?

Every use of property in the City of Rock Hill has certain requirements that go along with it, such as how far a building must be placed from the property line or the height of a building. When the owner of a piece of property would like to use it for a certain use but, for some reason, cannot meet one of these associated requirements, the owner may be able to request an administrative adjustment from the standard.

The fact sheet that is part of the Administrative Adjustment Application explains the process for applying for an administrative adjustment.

How is an administrative adjustment different from a variance or a separation reduction?

Administrative adjustments are allowed for a limited number of specific types of requirements. Chapter 2 of the Zoning Ordinance sets forth the particulars about which types of requirements are eligible for an administrative adjustment. Administrative adjustments are reviewed at a staff level.

Some types of requirements that are not eligible for an administrative adjustment may be eligible for other types of relief, such as a variance or a separation reduction. The Zoning Board of Appeals hears these types of requests after holding a public hearing on them.

For further information on requesting an administrative adjustment or to learn more about these other processes, please call Melody Kearse at 803-329-7088.