What does it mean if a land use is "permitted by right"?

Land uses that are permitted by right are shown in the Table of Primary uses in Chapter 4 of the Zoning Ordinance. Each use type has a line in the table that shows in which zoning districts, if any, the use is permitted by right. If a use is permitted by right, it means that it has no use-specific standards but must meet all general regulations in the Zoning Ordinance and other regulatory codes.

The City's Zoning Maps show the zoning district for each property. 

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If I see that a use is permitted by right, do I need to do anything else or can I start operating the use on the property?

If you are looking at opening a business in an existing location, you should contact our Open for Business program so that we can help you determine whether you are interpreting the use type and the use table correctly, and see if the property has any other issues about which you should be aware before you decide to move forward with purchasing or leasing the property. For example, certain building or fire code modifications may be required, or site improvements may need to be made to the parking lot, landscaping areas, or other areas of the property.

 Open for Business Program

If you are looking at development or redeveloping property, you should start with a sketch plan review meeting. See the zoning plan review page for more information. 

For further information, please call Melody Kearse at 803-329-7088.