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The City of Rock Hill enacted a false alarm ordinance in 2006 to encourage proper use of alarm systems and reduce false alarm calls.  The alarm permit is an important part of the ordinance because it requires alarm users to provide the Rock Hill Police Department with the names, addresses and phone numbers of two people who can respond to the location of the activated alarm if the need arises.

There is no cost to register your alarm.  Register or update your alarm by completing the Easy Online Registration or by filling out the printable form (pdf) and email completed form or questions to

Since the passing of the Alarm ordinance, false alarms have been reduced by 20%.  The reduction in false alarms is allowing the department to spend more time responding to Calls For Service and being pro-active in areas of identified criminal activity.

 False Alarm Costs: 


 1st and 2nd False Alarm  No Fee
 3rd, 4th, 5th  $50 each
 6th, 7th  $100 each
 8th, 9th, 10th  $200 each
 Over 10  $500 each