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Brent Allmon, Captain
Office: (803) 326-7254
Fax: (803) 325-2516


The Criminal Investigations Division is led by a Captain, who reports to the Major. This division is responsible for preliminary and follow-up investigations conducted by Department members. The Criminal Investigations Division consists of five components. 

The Detective Division is divided into two sections, the Crimes Against Property Unit and the Crimes Against Persons Unit. Each unit is commanded by a Lieutenant. The Crimes Against Property unit investigates Burglaries, Auto theft, Grand Larcenies, Fraud and White Collar Crime. The Crimes Against Persons Unit investigates Homicides, Robberies, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, and Assaults with Intent to Kill.

Will Rivera, LT Property Crimes Unit                                                                                                                                (803) 329-7263                                                                                                                                                      

Larry Vaughan, LT Crimes Against Persons Unit                                                                                                                  (803) 329-7255                                                                                                                                                  

The Forensic Services Unit is a component of the Criminal Investigations Division, and is staffed with police officers who conduct investigations at crimes scenes for the collection and preservation of physical evidence throughout the city.

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining all property and evidence for the department.  They inventory and track all case evidence that is submitted for processing, storage, or disposal in relation to any call for service.  The unit is staffed by one sworn officer and two civilian evidence clerks. 

Becky Pryor, Evidence Clerk
Office: (803) 329-7250

Narcotics Team, whose purpose is to suppress organized crime, especially drug trafficking. The Department is a charter member and participating agency of the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit. Rock Hill PD has a Supervisor who serves as commander of the DEU East Office housed at the Rock Hill Police Department, and for operational purposes reports to the Senior Commander of the DEU. The DEU is a partnership comprised of all criminal justice agencies in York County which conduct drug investigations and prosecute such offenses.

The Violent Crimes Unit was created in 2013 to focus on repeat offenders, gangs, and violent crimes within Rock Hill as well as partner with other agencies (local, state, federal) on apprehending violent criminals.

Research Data Analyst
The Research Data Analyst is responsible for the collection, compilation, and analysis of crime data for use in the development of resource allocation, directed patrol, COMPSTAT initiatives and enforcement priorities. Collected data is organized for long range planning and aids in forecasting future needs, making estimates on the basis of current trends, and offering ideas and suggestions for improvement through innovation.  

Damien Williams
Office: 803-3226-3753 

Finally, there is the Victims Services component which is comprised of a Law Enforcement Victim Advocate.  The LEVA is responsible for providing support to the victims and witnesses of serious crime from the moment of the incident until the case has been disposed of in court.