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Rod Stinson, Captain
Office: (803-329-7032
Fax: (803) 329-8740 


The Patrol Services Division of the Department is headed by a Captain, who reports to the Major. This division consists of four patrol teams, a Street Crimes Unit, and a Traffic Enforcement Unit.

Four uniformed Patrol Teams report to the Patrol Captain. Each team has a Lieutenant and two Sergeants to serve as Team Supervisors and patrol officers provide around-the-clock patrol and other field services for the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws to the citizens of the City of Rock Hill. Officers work 12 hour shifts. This schedule rotates among day and night shifts every 4 months.

The Traffic Unit is supervised by a Sergeant with primary responsibility for investigating traffic accidents, enforcing traffic laws, and promoting traffic safety and awareness through presentations in the community and the operation of periodic traffic safety enforcement actions.

The Street Crimes Unit was created in 2006 and was established to work in high crime areas. The Unit is supervised by a Lieutenant and Sergeant and address’ various types of crimes including street level drug sales, gang related crimes, and crimes against property and violent crimes. This unit also works to create community partnerships to improve the quality of life in the high crime areas of Rock Hill.

Patrol Services is also responsible for the inspection and licensing of all taxis and wrecker services operating in the city limits.

Administrative Patrol Officer

The Administrative Patrol Officer reports to the Patrol Captain, serves as the Extra Duty Coordinator and is responsible for assisting the Patrol Captain with various assigned tasks.