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The Police Department realizes the need for citizens to have the ability to report crimes or provide intelligence information to law enforcement anonymously.  As a result, the The Silent Witness form was developed to assist you in that endeavor.  We will never attempt to contact or trace the provider of this information, should you wish to be anonymous. 

You may also download for free the "RHPD CITIZEN" App for I-Phone and Android phones and submit a tip thru the app as well.

Should you live in an area that has been designated as a part of the Weed and Seed Initiative, we ask that you indicate that in the appropriate place on the form, so this information gets assigned to the appropriate personnel in the unit over-seeing this initiative.

The Silent Witness Form

What is the Silent Witness Form?

The Silent Witness Form is a tool used by the Rock Hill Police department to collect intelligence information from citizens regarding any illegal activity occurring at residences, apartments, businesses, schools and parks. The form allows citizens, who wish to be anonymous, to give police information regarding problems in their neighborhoods without the worry of the suspected drug dealer or any other criminal harming or harassing them for giving information to police. The citizen can feel more comfortable communicating with police and potentially gain more trust in what the police are doing in their neighborhoods. At the same time, the citizen will feel good about what he or she is doing to better their neighborhood. The form asks specific questions about the business, residence, street or park where the crime is occurring; type of criminal activity, descriptions (maybe names) of persons or vehicles involved, time of day or night and other questions that may help law enforcement address a particular problem.

The form will be on the Rock Hill Police Department website as an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF format) file allowing citizens with internet access to download the form.
The following methods may be used to deliver the form to the department:
            Rock Hill Police Department
            120 East Black Street
            Rock Hill, south Carolina 29730
            Hagin Street Neighborhood Rsource Center
            46 Sunset Drive
            Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
            Emmett Scott Center
            801 Crawford Road
            Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
Hand Delivered To: (you may also hand deliver to any of the addresses noted above)
            Housing & Neighborhood Services Offices
            Corner of Hampton and Johnston Street
            Click here to send an E-mail directly to the Police Department:


Download the Slient Witness Form by clicking here:     English:   Silent Witness FORM

                                                                          Hispanic:   Forma de Testigo Confidencial

The information received is confidential and will be used for Law Enforcement purposes only.