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Solid Waste 
Why hasn't my trash been picked up? (back to top)
There are many types of trash. Determine what type of trash has not been picked up: household garbage in the rollcart, furniture, appliances, yard debris, etc.  Ensure that all of the guidelines have been met and contact Public Works for more information on your pick-up schedule.

Reasons your rollcart may not have been collected:

  • the rollout was not out on time (before 7 AM)
  • the rollcart was placed too close to other objects (at least four feet of clearance)
  • the rollcart was filled above the rim (litter hazard with automated trucks)
  • there was a car parked too close to the rollcart
  • two rollcarts were placed at the curb when the resident only pays for one collection
  • extra bags of garbage were placed on top of the rollcart

I cannot afford another rollcart. (back to top)
Do you recycle anything? Additional recycling containers are available at no extra cost. We will be happy to send you extra recycling bins with instructions on how to reduce your weekly garbage. Be sure the bins are placed at least four feet away from the rollcart or other objects. 

I’ve got five bags of grass at the curb and nobody has picked them up. (back to top)
We require all yard debris to be placed loose in a YardCart. Please follow these guidelines.

You have missed my limbs for the past three weeks. (back to top)
We can only collect limbs less than twelve feet long and smaller than six inches in diameter. Be sure the limbs are not leaning against a fence, utility pole, guy wire, or have other debris mixed in with them. 

Why haven't you picked up my stumps or logs on the street? (back to top)
I’m sorry, our grinding facility cannot accept stumps or logs for disposal. Please make arrangements to have them hauled to the York County landfill. If you don’t have a way to dispose of the debris, the city can haul it off for a fee. 

This carpet and padding has been on the street for two weeks. (back to top)
The city no longer collects carpet or building materials. Please make arrangements to haul those items to a county convenience center ( York County Convenience Center) or we can make arrangements for it to be hauled away for a fee. 

My rental property has had trash at the curb for weeks. (back to top)
The residence must be occupied and full utilities paid before garbage and trash services can commence. Temporary utility service does not incorporate a sanitation fee. Or issue an online service request.

How do I get a recycle bin? (back to top)
Fill out an online service request or call 803-325-2500 to request a FREE recycling bin. 

What can I put in my bin? (back to top)
We accept many items at curbside including:

  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans
  • newspaper
  • office paper
  • junk mail
  • magazines
  • chipboard
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, and jars
  • Cartons
  • Corrugated cardboard, please break down into 2 foot sections

See more information on residential recycling. 

When is my recycling day? (back to top)
Your recycling collection day is the same as your garbage collection day. Please make sure your bin is four feet away from your garbage roll cart. 

Will my corrugated cardboard be recycled at the curb? (back to top)
Yes.  Please break down cardboard into 2 foot sections and place next to your bin.  Remove all packaging and wrapping.

Can I recycle at my event? (back to top)
Yes! We have special event recycling bins. Please refer to the Special Events Recycling Toolkit Instructions

I have items to recycle that I can't put in my curbside bin. What do I do with them? (back to top)
Take them to any York County Convenience Center. For more information about locations, hours and items to recycle, call 803-628-3181 or visit the York County website.

How do I report a pot hole? (back to top)
We run regular pot hole maintenance, but sometimes miss a few. To report a pot hole simply fill out an online service request or call 803-326-3891. 

How do I get a driveway apron paved? (back to top)
We first have to determine if the street you live on is State or City owned. We then have to find out if you are the property owner, as we can not do this without the owners permission. If it is determined that it is a State owned road, you are referred to the SCDOT. If it is City owned, we make out a work order and it is scheduled. * Only one drive to the residence is maintained, any more than that, the owner is responsible. This goes for additional driveway requests as well. 

I have a new home and need a driveway cut . How do I get this? (back to top)
Again, ownership is the key. A builder can not request a driveway. Once the ownership changes to the new resident, and it has been confirmed that it is a City street, the driveway installation will be scheduled. 

I have one driveway, but would like another one. What do I need to do? (back to top)
The City of Rock Hill will provide all residences with one entrance to their homes. Additional driveways will be the owners responsibility. You must call however, and have your contractors work inspected to ensure it meets the standards of the City. In the event you live on a State owned road , in addition to contacting them, you must also file for an encroachment permit through their office. A permit is required from the City. 

There is a large hole in the street with gravel in it. Is this a pot hole , and how do I get it repaired? (back to top)
This is not a pot hole, but more than likely it is a Utility cut. When a water or sewer line breaks, it has to be repaired. It is dug down on, and once repaired it is filled back in with compacted dirt and capped off with gravel. It is not necessary to call this in, as a work order is generated at the time of the repair by the Utilities Department. If the cut has not been repaired within 3 weeks, a call may be placed just to make sure we are aware that it exists. Sometimes the work order may not get turned in on time or our schedule is behind. However, it will be repaired as quickly as time permits. 

The curb and gutter and/or sidewalk is cracked up in front of my house. Who do I need to call to have it repaired? (back to top)
First, it must be determined if the street is State or City owned. In the event it is a City street just fill out an online service request or call the Street Division at 803-329-5600 and report the area. An inspector will be dispatched to determine if this is a safety liability. If it is determined that it is, it will be repaired immediately. If it is not, then it will be placed on a repair list and monitored and prioritized by needs. 

I have no curb and gutter and/or sidewalk. How do I go about getting some installed? (back to top)
In the event you live on a State owned road, you must contact the SCDOT at 803-327-6186 and place a request in to them. If you live on a City street, and you are the property owner, you can petition to get this done, but two thirds of the property owners on the street must agree to pay for half of the cost that is in front of their house only. The other third will be assessed the same cost.

* Example: if your yard is 100 feet wide, then you pay for 100 feet. If your neighbors yard is 30 feet wide, they pay for 30 feet. The cost will be half of the estimated price. The City will match the other half. 

How do I get my street swept? (back to top)
The City has two sweepers that try to sweep and maintain 365 miles of streets within the City limits. They run on regularly scheduled routes and try to make a complete a round of the City every 5 weeks. In the event you have a special reason to have your street swept ( funeral, wedding, or some event that brings large quantities of people to your home) just fill out an online service request or call the Street division at 803-329-5600 and we will try accommodate your request as soon as possible. 

There is a sign down. Who do I call to get it replaced? (back to top)
Fill out an online service request or call our sign shop at 803-817-5152 to report missing, faded, or damaged, street signs, speed limit and stop signs. Stop signs will be replaced within 16 hours of notification ( and immediately if reported during normal working hours), as these take priority over any other type of sign. Street markers will be replaced within 24 hours of notification. 

I have speed limit signs in my neighborhood, but would like additional ones posted? (back to top)
On most streets, a speed limit sign is posted close to end of the street at each end. Sometimes it is necessary to put another one up somewhere in the middle if the street is very long. 

I would like to have the speed limit lowered in my neighborhood. Who do I see to have this done? (back to top)
The Traffic Commission has to make the decision to lower or raise speed limits. There are no exceptions. Contact the Public Works Director to have this concern placed on the agenda. 

How do I get my street paved? (back to top)
The procedure to pave streets is a simple, yet complex one. Residents can request that it is placed on a list to be inspected and if it is found that the street is in need of resurfacing, it will then be submitted as a candidate. The rating of a street is the somewhat simple part. The complex part is that the majority of the streets located within the City limits are State owned and maintained. These streets are rated and submitted to York County for inclusion to the C-Fund paving list that is turned in to them annually by the City. City streets are also rated and submitted to City Council for approval under our General fund paving which is also completed annually. Both lists are council approved by either the City or York County council, depending on ownership of the street. When the final approvals are made the list is sent back to the Public Works Street Division. We then put the contract out to bid to qualified contractors and requests for that year is complete. The process will begin after the contract is over. All streets submitted and not approved are placed back onto the list for consideration the next year. 

I have a house or building that I want demolished. Who do I see about this? (back to top)
Although we do the actual demolition on the structures, it is the Housing and Neighborhood Services Department that generates the list that submitted to the Street Division to be torn down. Call them at 803-329-5592 or 803-326-3869 to apply for this service. 

My car scrapes going in and out of the driveway. Can anything be done to prevent this? (back to top)
Occasionally the asphalt builds up higher than the curb line due to resurfacing causing cars to scrape when they enter or exit the driveway. If this is happening to you, then call the Street Division and if possible, we will place asphalt in the curb line to lower the angle and prevent the car from scraping. We can not always do this due to drainage in the curb, but when we can, we will be more than glad to accommodate you. 

How do I get speed humps on my street? (back to top)
Speed humps are a traffic control measure and all requests must be made to the Traffic Commission. No speed humps can be installed without a traffic study completed and approval through the Traffic Commission. 

I want Children playing signs posted on my street. Who do I need to ask? (back to top)
No signs can be placed on a street without the Traffic Commissions approval. Make your request to the Commission, and if approved, they can be placed. 

Can a basketball goal be placed in the street? (back to top)
No, the City does not encourage children to play in the streets. Since all streets have a right of way that exceeds the sidewalk limit, then all basketball goals placed at the edge of the street is within the right of way, and can legally be picked up and hauled off by City crews. 

The street I live on is breaking up. What can be done? (back to top)
Sometimes the sub-grade , the dirt beneath the asphalt and gravel, fails to the point that the road begins to break up. This is different than a pot hole , as it is usually isolated , but can lead to sub-grade failure. Please call the Street division if you see a street breaking up into large or small pieces. We will determine if it is a State owned road or City. If it is the States we will contact them , but if it is a City owned street, we will have to dig down on the failed material and replace it with compacted dirt and re-pave the area.

Storm Water 
How do I get my storm water problem solved? (back to top)
Call or email the office and let us know what type of problem you are experiencing.
Fill out an online service request or call the Storm Water Division Hotline at 803/329-5614 or send an email to

Why is it taking so long to fix my storm water problem? (back to top)
The City of Rock Hill Storm Water Division investigates and ranks projects as they are called in. Then they are placed on a waiting list based on our ranking system.

Why should I pay when I don't have a storm water problem? (back to top)
You may not have a problem in your neighborhood, but the runoff from your property contributes to the city's overall storm water system.

Environmental Education & Beautification
I would like to have someone from the City come talk to my group about recycling. Does the City provide this? (back to top)
Yes! Just call the Environmental Educator at 803-329-7027 to schedule a presentation.

I am concerned about litter in my neighborhood. What can I do? (back to top)
Host a litter pick up! The City will provide your group with bags, littergrabbers and vests to pick up litter in your neighborhood. We'll even pick up the bags when you're done. Call neighborhood empowerment at 803-325-2523 to arrange a litter pick up for your group.

I see people littering when I drive around town. What can I do? (back to top)
Call the Litter Busters Hotline at 1-877-7LITTER. It's free and anonymous.