Bulky Items

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Bulky Items
Curbside bulky items such as couches, chairs and furnishings must be scheduled a week in advance and is limited to 3 items.  However, the City will collect and dispose of bulky items if requested to be picked up the same week and apply applicable charges to your utility account. 

Appliance and Metal Items
Appliances and metal items (such refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washer/dryers, hot water tanks, small sections of fencing, basketball goal posts, bikes, etc.) are collected on a call-in basis; please fill out an online service request, email sanitation@cityofrockhill.com, or call 803-325-2500 to request a special collection.  If you have other items, please call 803-325-2500 for more information.

Dead Animals
The City picks up dead animals from curbside or street that are reported to the Public Works Department weekdays from 7 AM – 3 PM. Live animals that are a nuisance should be reported to York County Animal Control at 803-684-8500.


Televisions, Computers and Tires
Televisions, computers and tires can be disposed of for free by dropping them off at any of the County Collection & Recycling Center locations. Public Works can also pick these items up on your regular collection day for a fee of $25.00 per item applied to your utility bill.  If you would like to schedule a pickup for any of the above items or have questions please call 803-325-2500.  Old electronics left near the curb will be collected by the City, however applicable charges will be applied to your utility account.

Household Construction Debris and Remodeling Material
Construction and remodeling materials such as, but not limited to, dimensional lumber, lumber scraps, doors, windows, carpeting, siding, shingles, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, cabinets and wood fencing can be taken to the York County Landfill, or small loads can be taken to the County Collection & Recycling Centers. Small amounts of household construction debris and remodeling material left by the curb will be collected, however applicable charges will be applied to your utility account. The charge begins at $52.50 and increases based on the amount and type of materials.  Large amounts of material can also be scheduled for pick up by calling 803-325-2500. A minimum collection fee of $52.50 will be applied to your utility bill. The fee will increase depending on the amount and type of materials. Dial-A-Dumpster service is also available for this type of material for $94.50 each time the container is emptied. An additional $94.50 rental fee will apply if the container is not emptied within 30 days of delivery. For more information or to order a Dial-A-Dumpster, call Tim Sylvester at 803-329-5609. 

 Recycling & Solid Waste Reference Guide