Residential Garbage

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SolidWaste_Recycling_YardCartResidential garbage is defined as organic waste matter, both animal and vegetable, from kitchens composed primarily of waste food. All garbage must be bagged and put inside 95-gallon green roll carts to control litter and facilitate automated collection.

  • Weekly Collection starts at 6:30 AM.

  • Find out your collection day on map.

  • The green roll cart is for household garbage. The following items should not be placed in the green roll cart: yard debris, grass, leaves, brush, bricks, dirt, rocks, building materials or other hazardous materials.

  • All garbage must be bagged, fit inside the green cart and the lid must be closed. The City will collect and dispose of garbage bags or other items left outside the green roll cart, however applicable charges will be applied to your utility account.

  • Extra garbage can be taken to York County Collection and Recycling Centers or you may purchase an extra green roll cart for $50.(Your sanitation fee will increase by 50 percent)

  • Green roll carts are emptied once a week – they should be placed at the curb in front of your house or apartment no earlier than noon the day before collection and should be removed from the curb by 7 AM the day after collection.

  • Backyard garbage service is available to elderly and disabled residents (if no one else in the house hold is able) with verification from a physician. Backyard Garbage Application or call 803-325-2500.

  • If available, lids or wheels which have come loose from green roll carts will be reattached or replaced at no charge. Please submit an online service request or call 803-325-2500. Please note that replacement parts may not be available on older styles of roll carts.

Garbage collection is provided on all holidays except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Thanksgiving holiday collections are provided each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Collections after Christmas will be publicized each year.  For more information, see the Recycling & Solid Waste Reference Guide.



The automated equipment requires roll carts be:
  • Placed in front of your property

  • Positioned with the lid opening facing the street

  • No more than six feet away from the roadway

  • At least four feet from other objects (mail boxes, recycling bins, utility poles, parked cars, etc.) to avoid possible damage from the automated truck arm

  • Not placed under utility lines to avoid damage from the automated truck arm

Extra garbage can be taken to one of the nearby York County Collection & Recycling Centers or you may purchase an additional roll cart for $50.00; an additional collection fee (50% greater than the usual fee) will be assessed each month. Additional recycling bins may be used and are provided at no additional charge.

The roll carts have a ten-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in workmanship. Repairs such as broken lids or replacement wheels will be made at no charge. Contact Customer Service at 803-325-2500 for assistance. Replacement roll carts are available for a fee of $50.00 which can be paid in installments.

To report a missed roll cart or recycle bin, or to order a new roll cart or bin, please fill out an online service request or email