Project Prioritization

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Picture1 Maintenance and improvements include repair to ditches, culverts, and pipes in targeted areas. Ranking of typical problems:

1.  Major structure damage to dwelling and public facility, sinkhole in roadway, road, and dwelling flooding, etc.
Example: Road flooding
2.  Sinkhole on private property, major channel erosion/scour, minor flooding, and major pipe blockage.
Example: Major channel erosion/scour
3.  Channel erosion/scour, re-cut ditch, major ditch blockage, and minor pipe blockage.
Example: Channel erosion
4.  Minor channel erosion, debris removal, and ditch maintenance.
Example: Minor ditch erosion


Project Prioritization Criteria:

  • Imminent Danger to Life
    Projects preventing major flooding to bridges, roadways, or flooding that causing home or business to be evacuated.
  • Health Hazard
    Projects preventing sewage infiltration, which may carry diseases, into creeks and streams caused by flooding.
  • Infrastructure Damage
    Projects correcting any damaged infrastructure related to storm water and drainage.
  • Major Flooding
    Projects preventing flooding that stands in streets or neighborhoods for a long period of time.
  • Major Erosion
    Projects correcting drainage problems causing major erosion to property.
  • Exposure
    Projects correcting flooding or drainage problems over a large number of acres or impacting a large number of structures or persons.
  • Unique Case
    Projects providing a solution to an unforeseen storm water problem arising unexpectedly.
  • System-wide Projects
    Projects improving problems system wide rather than a project affecting one specific property.