Electrical Safety

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As your hometown power provider, Rock Hill Utilities has made a special commitment to making our customers aware of how to stay safe around electricity. We encourage you to look around your home and workplace and eliminate electrical hazards. Here are some important tips to play it safe with electricity:

At Home or in the Workplace

  • Electricity and water don't mix! Electricity flows easily through water, so keep anything electrical - hair dryers, curling irons, radios, etc. away from sinks, bathtubs and other water sources.
    The shocking truth...if someone is being shocked by electricity, don't touch the person or anything they are touching, and do not try to touch or move the electrical object causing the shock. If you do, your body will become a path for the electricity to travel and since your body is 70% water, electricity will flow through you very easily. Call 911 immediately if someone has been shocked and injured by electrical current.
  • Check appliance and extension cords for breaks or tears; don't put cords under rugs or near water, heat or metal pipes. Pull on the plug, not the cord when removing from outlet.
  • Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to help protect you - GFCIs shut off the power to the appliances under abnormal conditions.
  • NEVER put metal utensils into appliances - electricity travels easily through metal.
    During electrical storms, do not use appliances or telephones, and do not take baths or showers. Use ULI rated surge protectors to protect your sensitive electronic equipment from being damaged during electrical storms.
  • Prevent electrical fires by keeping flammable items away from light bulbs or heaters. Have a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it; install smoke alarms and test regularly; and finally, establish a fire escape plan and do a test run annually.


  • Stay away from poles, wires, towers, substations and transformers. Overhead lines carry lots of electricity and are extremely dangerous to touch. Keep antennas and ladders at least 10 feet away from overhead lines. Stay away from fallen or low-hanging lines, and do not try to remove fallen or drooping tree limbs on lines. Report these to Rock Hill Utilities.
  • If you use a generator during a power outage, ALWAYS get advice from a licensed professional electrician before installing, operating or repairing a generator. NEVER hook up a generator directly to your home's wiring, such as the breaker panel, receptacles, meter, etc. The safest thing to do is connect necessary equipment directly to the generator outlets. NEVER operate a generator indoors.
  • Play safely around trees and climb only where there are no overhead lines. Kites, balloons or model airplanes touching overhead lines can cause shock or fire. Use these flying toys only where overhead lines are far away.
  • Contact Rock Utilities to report drooping or fallen tree limbs on power lines ... do not try to remove them yourself!

    Don’t Break the Law!

Did you know that posting notices on power poles is against the law? You’ve seen them...yard sale and lost pet notices, advertising flyers and placards. When these materials are posted on power poles, line crews could seriously be hurt by the nails and staples used to attach the notices. In addition, excessive signs create clutter and litter. Those who violate this law are subject to citations and fines.

Instead, post notices on company, church or community center bulletin boards or ask a neighborhood business to post the flyer in their window. This way, you’re not breaking the law and you’re keeping your neighborhood clean and safe.