Green Power Program

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What is Green Power?

Green Power is electricity generated by sustainable resources such as the sun, wind and even decomposing garbage in landfills.

Why is the City of Rock Hill offering this program?

You can invest in Green Power as part of the City’s participation in Santee Cooper’s Solar Schools program. The program helps students in South Carolina learn about renewable energy, ways to reduce the demand on non-renewable natural resources, and the importance of preserving the environment.

If I purchase Green Power, will I notice a difference in my electric service?

No, you won’t notice any difference in your electric service when you sign up for the Green Power Program. Purchasing Green Power helps to fund the solar schools program and to voluntarily support the generation of renewable energy.

How much does participation in the Green Power Program cost?

The cost depends on how many blocks of Green Power you choose to buy. For each 100 kWh block of Green Power you buy, $3 per month will be added to your monthly bill. The charge will be listed as an additional line item from the City of Rock Hill. When you choose to purchase Green Power, Santee Cooper reinvests the money into additional sources of renewable energy.

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