Outage Reporting

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Power Outage Reporting and Information

Map of Current Power Outages

Click this link to view status of current outages or check "News" on the home page for the lates information about major outages affecting Rock Hill Utilities customers.

REPORT Power Outage or Water/Sewer Problems

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TEXT Notification for Power Outages

Submit online service requests
Submit requests such as: street lights out, water leaks, security light repair, garbage/recycling, stormwater, potholes and more.

You can also report outages by calling Rock Hill Utilities at 803-329-5500.
Outage reports are received by the City’s automated system which instantly registers your service problem and automatically directs crews to the source of your outage problem. During widespread power outages, higher than normal call volumes are likely to occur.

Why does my power go out?

There are several reasons that power can go out, including small animals tripping circuits, issues with equipment, tree limbs on lines, etc. Your electricity blinks multiple times before a full outage because the system is programmed to automatically try to reset itself 3 times before the system shuts down and power goes out.

Severe thunderstorms, with significant rainfall, lightning and high winds, can lead to unavoidable power outages. During winter months, ice or snow storms can also create power interruptions when electric lines become weighed down by ice and disconnect or fall to the ground. No matter the season, we must all be prepared for what Mother Nature may bring our way.

Often, City Utility crews are aware of outages as soon as they occur. The electrical system is set up to notify crews when there is a malfunction. This expedites the process of assessing problems and making necessary repairs. The City notifies customers of known outages using Twitter @RockHillSCCity and at cityofrockhill.com. An outage information hotline helps inform customers about widespread outages. Customers can call 803-329-5500 to receive information on the location of the outage, the number of customers affected and the cause. Outage reporting can be done text, phone, email or online reporting.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable service and strive to restore power as quickly and safely as possible when outages do occur. We will continue to explore options for providing accurate and current information to our customers during power outages, and will regularly evaluate processes for responding and communicating to make improvements. We welcome your suggestions for improvement and thank you for your patience.

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Follow the City on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive up to the minute information about outages. We also tweet important information regarding road closures and other City services. Customers who choose to sign up for a Twitter account can update settings to alert you via text message when the City posts a new tweet.