Smart Switch

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Install a Smart Switch and Save!
Rock Hill has a simple suggestion on how customers can save money, help control future rate increases and play a part in saving the environment...install a Smart Switch!

Smart Switches are devices that control the flow of electricity to major appliances during times of peak demand, which normally occurs during the months of June through September. The device will automatically interrupt power to the water heater, air conditioner or swimming pool pump, but only for short periods of time. The customer should never know when it happens, because they won’t run out of hot water and their homes will stay nice and cool in the summer. The City installs and maintains the Smart Switch unit at no cost to the customer.

By installing Smart Switches, customers can play an important role in helping delay the need for building more power plants. Another important reason for controlling electric demand is the environment. Coal-fired plants are used to produce peak power. Not only are these plants more expensive to operate, but they also contribute to air pollution. If the City reduces its demand for electricity during peak periods, the City and its customers help to reduce air pollution and acid rain.

This program helps the City save money since it reduces its peak wholesale electric demand, which, in turn, helps keep our customers' retail electric costs down. Customers who have Smart Switches will be included in a drawing for a $100 utility bill credit at each City Council meeting.

For more information about the installing a Smart Switch, call 803-329-5500.