Surge Protection

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Protect Your Home Electronics
Today’s sensitive home electronics operate with a greater sensitivity and less tolerance to power fluctuations and interruptions. If not properly protected, electronic equipment and appliances may not withstand voltage spikes caused by things such as lightning.

Surge protection is most effective when applied at three levels.
  • Make sure your home is properly grounded. Grounding provides the primary path for a surge protector to dissipate the energy from an electrical spike.
  • Have a high-energy surge protection device installed at your main power panel entering the house. This will help divert damaging surges away from your electrical system.
  • Protect each piece of sensitive electronic equipment inside your home- such as you home entertainment system, fax machine, microwave oven and personal computer, by using plug-in surge protectors.
Before purchasing surge protection, check the label carefully. Consider only those devices listed as transient voltage surge suppressors, or TVSS, that meet the "UL 1449" standard. 

Even though surge suppression does not guarantee absolute protection, it is an important measure for customers to improve power quality in their home or business. For more information about surge protection, call 803-329-5500 or check out ENERGY DEPOT for more information about surge protection in the Energy Library.