Industrial Pretreatment

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The focus of Rock Hill’s Industrial Pretreatment Program is to reduce the amount of toxic and hazardous waste that enters the wastewater collection system. 

All wastewater from homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities enters the collection system and is treated at the Manchester Wastewater Treatment Plant. Non-domestic wastewater from industries and commercial businesses can create hazards for the wastewater collection system and treatment facility and must be evaluated and controlled through a permit system.

New industries that locate in the City’s service area are evaluated prior to connection to the system. Existing industries will periodically be re-evaluated. More Details (pdf)

Contacts:sm manch wwtp

Heather Beard, Wastewater Superintendent

Eric Gensemer, GMP Official

Daniel Huddleston, Pretreatment Inspector

Matthew Erb, Pretreatment Field Technician

Information for Industrial Users:
Industrial User Discharge Permit Application (pdf)

Industrial User Discharge Rates (Municode)
Industrial User Pretreatment Inspection Form (pdf)

Sampling Rate Detail (pdf)

Information for Waste Haulers:
Waste Hauler Discharge Permit Application
Discharge Permit Rates (Municode)

Other Information:
FOG Program

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